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Volcano in Geldingadal


PRICE:  $425 Adult / $325 Child (2-12 yr)


DURATION:  40-60 minutes


LANDINGS:  1 (Due to safety issues, landings will not be possible at this time).


MINIMUM:  No Minimum Persons


DEPARTURE LOCATION:  Reykjavik Domestic Airport

iStock VOLCANO W MAN 7X4.jpg

Our Helicopter Tours is offering a sightseeing flight to the eruption sites in Geldingadalur.


The total duration of the tour is 45-60 minutes. We are flying on two helicopters, 5 and 6 seater and it depends on the booking status each day which aircraft we are using. If weather and conditions are good, we will be flying but please note that the helicopter ride is weather dependant.


Additionally we do want to point out that the airspace is controlled by Keflavík Flight Tower that allows only 6 air crafts at any given time in the airspace, as well Almannavarnir Ríksins, might have some last minutes restrictions such as closing the eruption sites due to gas, so it might affect our flights and planning.





Have you ever wondered how it feels to be near a volcano,

gazing down on the pouring hot lava?

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