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2024 ToursAug 31 September 8 1-spot left2025 Tours13-21 June 9 spots left4-12 September 10 spots left
Tour Difficulty: Advanced
Trip Distance: 1,139 Miles
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  • Our driver will wait for you after you've cleared Customs at the Airport and take you to your hotel in the heart of Reykjavik. (Early check in has been requested but is not guaranteed).  Breakfast, lunch and dinner for day one is not included but we highly recommend "Svarta Kaffi" about 2 blocks away for lunch. Their "soup in bread" is an awesome light lunch. For dinner, we love a sampling of traditional delicacies at "Restaurant Þrír Frakkar" in downtown Reykjavik. Overnight at Fosshotel Raudara or similar. akkar" in downtown Reykjavik.


DAY 2  |  Selfoss-Hrútafjörður

  • The first day of the Motorcycle trip, you ride from Selfoss village, past Þingvellir National Park, where the oldest continually running parliament in the world first assembled in 930 AD. From there this ride will take you to a mountain road along the glacier Langjökull to Húsafell, through a unique mountains we call Arnarvatnsheiði to the north where we will stay the first night on our journey.

Trip Highlights:

  • Þingvellir, National Park

  • Úlfljótsvatn, lake

  • Skjaldbreiður, volcano

  • Langjökull, glacier

  • Arnarvatnsheiði, Mountain Road


DAY 3  |  Hrútafjörður-Djúpavík

  • On day two we will arrived in the northern part of the Westfjords an area called Strandir. The ride will take you to the most remote places inhabited in Iceland called Djúpavík. From Djúpavík we ride the steep coast line with spectacular scenery all the way to the very end of a drive/ride able road in Ófeigsfjörður.

  • From there, it's only possible to walk the rest of this area. On this way we pass abandoned herring factory that were built in 1942-1944 and closed down 1952. These abandoned factories are kind of art in a way. A perfect photographic scenery with a blend of cracked concrete and rusty steel keeping lot of stories.

  • On our return we take a bath in special pool, Krossneslaug, which is located in the rocky seashore. From the pool it's a return to Djúpavík where we spend the night.

Trip Highlights:

  • Djúpavík, town

  • Ófeigsfjörður

  • Ingólfsfjörður

  • Krossaneslaug, a very nice pool located in the rocky seashore


DAY 4  |  Djúpavík-Flókalundur

  • Today we get to test our talents, as we travel over the mountains in several places and we get to try real off road Icelandic mountain roads. We say goodbye to Djúpavík village early and keep heading West for further adventures.

  • We will go on a mountain road called Steingrímsfjarðarheiði, Kollafjarðarheiði and Þingmannaheiði. Today, this is a trail that almost no one travels.

  • We arrive at the hotel, overlooking the sea with a natural pool to relax in and gather strength for the next day.

Trip Highlights:

  • Steingrímsfjarðarheiði, mountain road

  • Kollafjarðarheiði, mountain road

  • Þingmannaheiði, mountain road

  • Flókalundur, Hotel

  • Hellulaug, natural pool


DAY 5  |  Flókalundur-Patreksfjörður

  • It is simply so amazingly beautiful the view over the Breiðafjörður bay, with its hundreds of islands and inlets. Between the mountains, you will find yourself driving in and out of narrow fjords. This ride will take you to Rauðisandur beach, all the way to Látrabjarg cliff, the westernmost point in Europe before we will end this day in a small town called Patreksfjörður. We will enjoy good food and then spend the evening in outdoor hot tubs in the next fjord. 


Trip Highlights:

  • Barðarströnd, nice ride through fjords with wonderful views

  • Látrabjarg, Cliff for best chance to see puffins in Iceland

  • Rauði Sandur, Red Sand Beach

  • Patreksfjörður


DAY 6  |  Patreksfjörður-Þingeyri

  • You will see many different fjords, even fjords within fjords. From mountain passes, you will have an overview of spectacular mountains and you will also drive to the bottom of small beautiful fjords with small lakes waterfalls and rivers. At one point the most spectacular waterfall in Iceland will suddenly and almost unexpectedly grab your eye and on this day one secret of this journey will be reveled.


Trip Highlights:

  • Mountain views

  • Beautiful Fjords

  • Dynjandi, Waterfall

  • Þingeyri, town

DAY 7  |  Þingeyri – Snæfellsnes Peninsula

We will start the day with a short ride to a ferry which will take us over the bay into a famous area called Snæfellsnes Peninsula, who gave inspiration for the books like “Journey to the center of the Earth”, series like “Game of Thrones”, movies like “Secret life of Walter Mitty” and many more. Snæfellsnes is no less famous for its wonderful scenic spots and we will of course ride through these places and stop to enjoy before the day is over.

Trip Highlights:

  • Stykkishólmur, village

  • Kirkjufell, Church mountain

  • Grundarfjörður, village

  • Ólafsvík, town

  • Svörtuloft, lighthouse

  • Djúpalónssandur, beach

  • Malarrif, lighthouse

  • Arnarstapi, Village

  • Hellnar, village

DAY 8  |  Snæfellsnes–Selfoss

  • From Snæfellsnes we take the old mountain road Kellingaskarð, to Borgarnes.  A very popular place to have a short stop (tanking/eating) when travelling between South and North Iceland.

  • From Borgarnes we ride to Skorradalsvatn (lake) and over Dragháls to Hvalfjörður, An undersea tunnel passing the fjord. Then we ride along Kjósaskarðsvegur to Þingvellir National Park and back to Selfoss where we started.

Trip Highlights:

  • Borgarnes, town

  • Skorradalsvatn, lake

  • Hvalfjörður,whale fjord

  • Þingvellir, National Park


  • Check out and leave your luggage while you enjoy a free day to explore Reykjavik.

  • Your driver will pick you up at the hotel in plenty of time before your flight back to the States.



The maximum number of participants for each tour is 7 + 2 riding guide.

The minimum number of participants for the tour to run is 3 people + 2 riding guides.




  • Private VIP transfers to and from Keflavik Airport to your hotel in Reykjavik

  • 2 night hotel stay in Reykjavík (Overnight at Fosshotel Raudara or similar.)  Early check-in the day of arrival will be arranged for your comfort. Your second night at the same hotel will be arranged for after the bike trip. (all prices based on single occupancy) 

  • Shuttle to and from your hotel for your Ride.

  • 6 nights in hotels on motorcycle trip

  • 8 breakfasts

  • Motorcycle (KTM 690 R) (Husky 701) for 7 days

  • Backup motorcycle when needed (can be different type from KTM 690 R)

  • Motorcycle insurance

  • Fuel for motorcycle



  • Flights to/from Reykjavik/Keflavik

  • Riding gear and helmets

  • Lunch and dinner



  • The weather on Iceland can differ from day to day and rain is not unusual. Make sure that your clothes really are waterproof. Waterproof socks are a recommendation, since we often ride through water.

  • The temperature can vary from 5 to 15 Celsius degrees, so you need to be well prepared.

  • Remember that a travel insurance is required in case you get ill or injure yourself. Most home insurances also include travel insurance. Check it with your insurance company. A European insurance card is also recommended (if European), it is provided free of charge at the state.

  • Also remember to bring your own bathing/swimming suit for the natural swimming pools and hot tubs.

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