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Dear Guests,
The government of Iceland has removed all restrictions, requirements and regulations in relations to Covid-19. There is therefore no quarantine, vaccine requirement or testing requirement in place for travel to or around Iceland. Covid hospitalizations are rare and the decease has minimal effect on services, and daily live.


All information in terms of statistics, recommendation and testing is readily available at
The United States Government requires all passengers, citizens or not to provide a negative Covid-19 test, PCR or antigen (rapid test), no more than one day old before boarding your US bound flight from Iceland.


There is no specific Covid-19 Cancellation Policy in place. IcelandX however highly recommends the purchase of Travel Insurance, especially since there is a outside chance that passengers get tested positive while in Iceland, which often results in an extension of your stay by up to 5 days. Your agent is happy to help you with offering Allianz Travel Insurance if you so wish.All restrictions due to Covid-19 have been lifted and no vaccinations or testing is required for travel to  Iceland.


We highly recommend "cancel for any reason" insurance coverage through Allianz Travel Insurance.

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