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IcelandX Delivers

IcelandX choreographed an itinerary that fulfilled a bucket list trip; however, this experience was so great that we are already planning future trips! IcelandX delivers because they know the land and know people/local businesses to accommodate any itinerary. We will definitely use
IcelandX for future explorations of this incredible place!



Exceeded my Expectations!
We traveled with Icelandx 3 weeks ago and had a wonderful time. Iceland is simply stunning and it was amazing to see a volcano one day, a glacier the next and then beaches and hot springs. The small group tour was the perfect mix of sightseeing, hiking (short trails), relaxing in hot springs and socializing with our group. The itinerary around the island hit all the top spots, the transport was comfortable and the hotels they secured for our group were just outstanding. I especially liked the one in Egilsstadir on the lake. Our driver/guide was Ragnar and he was both fun and informative. He also went out of his way to make sure we got time with the Icelandic horses and made an extra stop so the group could purchase gin. Highly recommend this company.



Amazing country, landscape and tour guide! And I am pretty hard to please!

GO, GO, GO, We just returned from an incredible Ring Road Tour of Iceland that was run by this company. They were wonderful to work with and were extremely well run and responded to any emails within minutes. Our tour guide who drove us from city to city, Ragnar (Rocky), was fabulous! He was very knowledgeable about every city and area we stopped at and we would highly recommend them and him! They have a maximum of 16 people per tour and we were driven on a very comfortable bus to all of the amazing sites in Iceland. It was one of the best trIceland 4x4 Tour This tour is over the top. Brand new Land River! Five star hotels, super tour guides. Includes the best of Iceland, geysers, volcanos, whales, puffins, hot springs etc.ips we have ever taken!

Diamond Beach.jpg

Iceland is a wondrous island!  
We did an around the island tour with IcelandX.  What an adventure!  We saw so many geological wonders from volcanoes to glaciers & icebergs to pastoral lands and the north Atlantic ocean, waterfalls galore, black stone beaches where puffins nests, rock formations that boggle the imagination, mineral spas and bubbling sulfur pools, and Rift Valley—a magical area where the North American Tectonic plate meets the Eurasian plate.  The beauty of this island is hard to put into words.  Ragnor was a superb tour guide, and the people of Iceland are gracious and kind.  Highly recommend this island tour!!!


Nette HL

Golden Ticket Tour
Awesomely guided, personalized, top quality tour experience. Great option for adventure or sight seekers.



Awesome wonderland

This is a different kind of trip, a most unexpected trip of scenery, geology and history that no one should miss. Traveling in our own vehicle, CB radio connected to the 3 other vehicles. let us be connected yet remain as our own unit. A road trip with local guides and new friends. The scenery is incredible, the hotels and meals each evening were a pleasant retreat from jeeping all day. As we rode thru the countryside, jumping out and exploring quite often, and getting history and lore lessons the whole time, we feel we got a thorough visit of Iceland. Crossing lava fields, streams, back gravel roads, took us to places no ordinary tour can go. The guides were from Iceland and so fun to be with....vikings!! Don't miss out on this opportunity. We went late July-early Aug. It was rainy but not enough to interfere with our exploring. We had 24 hour daylight so our days started early and ran well into the night, allowing lots of exploring. THIS is the way to visit Iceland!!



drangar restaurant VIK hotel Kria.jpg

Iceland was a life changing experience... IcelandX made it even better.  The guides were full of knowledge, shared local lore and all around incredible team.  Each stop we had plenty of time and guidance of what/where best places were.100 Stars is not enough to give the IcelandX team.

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Terry O

Amazing staff for an amazing Country!!!"

I went there with a group of 28 people. IcelandX tailored the trip to exactly what we wanted to do during our 4 nights/5 days in Iceland. We experienced get sights, education and everything went smoothly from start to finish. GB and his staff were outgoing, knowledgeable and extremely accommodating. Our group had couples in their early 40s to late 70s all from NYC and every enjoyed themselves. I can't wait to get back and do more exploring of Iceland with IcelandX!!!

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Melissa L

Worth every penny

Iceland speaks for itself. Beautiful, awesome, and inspiring. Our guide Karl was great. He is a geologist, naturalist, and historian and shared his knowledge freely. He made the experience.Hotels ranged from very good to adequate. Don't expect a resort experience and you will be fine.
Like everything else in Iceland food is expensive but very good.

Marilee Rendulich

Michelle Mattia

Screen Shot 2021-04-11 at 2.59.00 PM.png

T Dillon

C Marriott

It was fantastic!

"I had the pleasure of taking a 3 day guided tour of Iceland with GB in the summer of 2019. Each day was packed with unique an unforgettable adventures. Iceland is amazing and will show you things you never imagined you would see in your lifetime (and may never see again). In addition to the amazing sights of Iceland, we were treated to Iceland’s amazing cuisine - be ready for some culinary adventures as well!  We could not have had a better time and would recommend traveling with GB to anyone who wants a tour of Iceland like no other. Don’t be surprised if it appears
GB knows (or is related to) nearly EVERYONE in Iceland!!

"If you want to do Iceland the right way, you need to have "a guy".GB Heidarsson and his company is your "guy".
Iceland is a huge place, and the number of spectacular things to see is staggering.  So it's really important to have someone who can listen to what you are most interested in doing and seeing while there and curate an experience that delivers.I've been to Iceland twice with GB, and both times we were able to experience a number of activities where having someone like GB who knows the country like the back of his hand, and also knows the right people with whom to work, is critical.
If you really want to experience Iceland like a local, and with a local, you can do no better than start your trip planning with GB and IcelandX!

N Jones

We had a truly amazing, once in a lifetime experience with GB in Iceland! He planned the trip with the perfect balance of interesting, fun activities and exploration, without feeling like our itinerary was too frenetic. We traveled with GB to Iceland for our last corporate board meeting prior to selling our company, and the memories we made together were a fantastic way to end a chapter of our story! GB brings a very special and interesting perspective as native of Iceland and a citizen of the United States, understanding the country from both inside and outside.  We had amazing meals, amazing adventures, and will certainly look for another opportunity to do it again in the next chapter!

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