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Expedition Adventure




Embark on an Odyssey with IcelandX Travel!

$250 discount if you sign up now! We'll send you our full brochure as well

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Feel the thrill of discovery aboard our overland 4x4 convoy tours, tailored for the wild at heart with a taste for comfort.


Choose your own adventure: sit back in the guided lead vehicle and soak in Iceland's dramatic vistas or grab the wheel of your own rented 4x4 to join our caravan of explorers.


Ready to unlock the secrets of Iceland beyond the asphalt with an experience reserved for only few?

How about this? While you look at the tour page, let us send you our meticulously crafted brochure, vibrant with the full itinerary of your potential journey. Give it a couple of days to resonate, and we’ll circle back with a special deal that bubbles just beneath the surface, exclusively via email.


And there’s more than just words to entice you - we invite you to a real live glimpse at the raw beauty of our tour. Delve into our immersive video experiences; select from the 18-minute teaser or indulge in the full-hour visual feast that captures the spirit of our adventures.


Why wait? Dive into your next grand tale.

Allow us the pleasure of whisking you away to the land of fire and ice - virtually, for now. Just say the word, and consider the essence of Iceland delivered with a click! 

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