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This round trip to a nearby mountain takes in breathtaking views of Reykjavik as you overfly the city. You will see colorful and charming dollhouse roofs, the neighboring towns and the surrounding countryside with extensive lava fields, reminding us of the true volcanic nature of Iceland. After a thrilling helicopter ride we land on one of the summits surrounding the city for the photo opportunity of a lifetime. We pop up a bottle of sparkling wine while enjoying the scenic views of the coastal plain panorama, the cityscape of Reykjavik and distant mountains.


Of course we won't make you hike down the mountain... we'll take you back safely in our helicopter. The total duration of the tour is 40-45 minutes. 15-20 minute guided helicopter flight and a 15-20 minute landing on a mountain top Also includes a bottle of sparkling wine.


Airtime depending on helicopter type and weather.




PRICE:  $1,237 (for 2!!!)


DURATION:  45min




MINIMUM:  No Minimum Persons


DEPARTURE LOCATION:  Reykjavik Domestic Airport

SIGHTS: The Cityscape of Reykjavik and Distant Mountains

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Have you ever wondered what it is like to fly in a helicopter, to the top of a mountain, to open up a bottle of sparkling wine?

Well... this is your chance!

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