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Earthquakes and Optimism

Iceland has had some really interesting geological news lately. The area around the Capital, Reykjavik, has had over 2,000 earthquakes in the last couple of weeks, rattling its inhabitants and dwellings. You could joke that all the Martinis are shaken, not stirred.

No worries though, Icelandic building codes are among the strictest in the world and can withstand way more than what Mother Earth is throwing at them right now.

What we are waiting to see is if this will result in a real volcanic eruption, which supposedly is more than likely, but not absolutely sure. In case it does, we are looking forward to a slow flowing eruption that is not threatening the nearby towns, the airport or Reykjavik itself.

Want to see it....?

Or can get there to see it? Well, the first step of reopening happened in February where Iceland opened up for travel to and from Greenland, next step is likely to happen in May with opening up for the rest of Europe, and then hopefully shortly afterwards to reopening of tourism from the US.

Introducing "NO-RISK BOOKING"?

Due to the uncertainty of when travel opens again, we are offering what we call a "no-risk booking" for those that want to travel this summer, but are just not ready to commit until they know they can get there. How it works is that we reserve the tour, accommodation and services in Iceland, and in some cases where possible the airline portion, without any deposit or fee. This is available for all departures in June, July and August. Let's make it a great travel summer. Make sure you get your booking in! Call us 1-833-498-6877 or email us at:

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How wonderful! It’s going to be an awesome summer in Iceland!

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