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Greetings from Iceland

Travel to Iceland has changed quite significantly with Covid, especially since one literally has to be a dual European-American Citizen and/or have legal residency on both sides of the ocean to move between Europe and the US. Since there are not many of us that that are, flights are few and pretty empty.

Icelandair currently operates two flights a week between the States and Iceland, both from Boston and the one I was on had about 20 passengers. So everyone had their choice of a 3 seat row to crash for the “Redeye” flight. That makes for a great flight, but certainly isn't great for business.

So why am I here? Well, in addition to wanting to see my family from time to time, we wanted to make sure that we have a full schedule of exciting trips coming up in 2021 and that we are fully ready to welcome all of our guest to an unforgettable adventure as soon as travel to Europe opens up again.

So while I’m relaxing in quarantine, waiting for my second Covid test, I’m running the trails in Eastern Reykjavik, checking on the horses that are hanging out here and having a lot of fun learning how to effectively take pictures and video with a drone. I'm excited about sharing with you some video’s and blogging about super-jeeps, horses and hopefully motorcycles here, just south of the Arctic-Circle in early October. So stay tuned, the fun is starting soon and we will be ready to welcome you to Iceland as soon as everyone can travel again

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