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Why are ICELANDX SPECIAL TOURS so special?

We strongly feel that all the tours we offer here at IcelandX are special. We have handpicked our vendors and offer the tours and trips that we believe are the best of breed of their making. These are often however very activity specific, so we offer additional days or activities to enrich them with a different Iceland experience that extends those great trips.

An ICELANDX SPECIAL TOURS however is a tour we participate in ourselves, either with our vendors, with multiple vendors or plan from scratch, where we really showcase what we ourselves love to do when we go to Iceland. Our New-Years tours are such tours, so are the 4x4 overland tours, where we take our guests to a lot of the places, we ourselves find extra special in Iceland. These are not always easy to put together, which is probably why no one else is really scheduling those kinds of comprehensive tours. And then it’s tours like the 9 Day Mountain Passes and Costal Scenery, the IcelandX Special motorcycle tour, which travels not only through some of the most breathtaking places in Iceland, but literally traces all the special places of my own upbringing and my family heritage. So that one is near and dear to my heart and allows me to share not only the history and beauty of the places we visit, but what they mean to me.

The idea behind the ICELANDX SPECIAL TOURS is to showcase how we can put together a unique experience for every group we build a tour for, adapting it to their own interests, and adding the things that make it truly special for them. And we can pick the best place for each activity, rather than be limited to one base, which sometimes can feel like a bit of a compromise.

We feel very strongly that Iceland should be seen with as much of its contrasts as possible. This is almost impossible to do if you are going to be solely based in the capital region in the South-West. We therefore use every opportunity possible to bring our guests into the wilderness and the small coastal towns that are the heartbeat of Iceland, away from the crowds of the mainstream tourism and allow us to enjoy the majestic beauty of Iceland often with the intimacy of a smaller group. But if time is too short for that, we make the most out of our stay in the unique city of Reykjavik, enjoying all its beauty and the access to the natural wonders surrounding it. We will however, if we can, throw in a helicopter tour or a unique extended super-jeep day tour, just to push the limits on a city vacation as much as possible.

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