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What’s IcelandX, Icelandic Adventure Travel, and why now?

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Starting up an exclusive travel service in the middle of a pandemic is probably either extremely brave or severely lacking in sensibility, but here we are.

Iceland is a country of contrasts and extremes. We think it’s time we make these contrasts and extremes accessible, up-close and intimate, the way we Icelanders do it ourselves. Now this kind of travel is not for everyone, and bus tours and rental car packages are still a great way to see Iceland, but if you want to really feel and taste the land of the midnight sun, we believe this is the way to do it.

IcelandX is a concept that has been brewing within me for a long time, born out of what I love to do in Iceland myself, rather than relying on what we have been doing in the Icelandic tourist industry for the last decades. This is literally how I like to introduce my personal friends to Iceland, with all the tastes, experiences, adventure and closeness that I love and have loved since I started to mess around the lowlands and highlands of Iceland on my first 4x4 super-jeep, motorcycles and snowmobiles

It’s may seem a bit crazy to base a company on what you love to do yourself, but then again, if I love it, I’m sure that some of you thrill-seekers out there love it just as much, and that may therefore be the most sane thing I have ever done.

So, where do we start? Well, I love the Icelandic Highlands. They are desolate, hard to get to and make me feel as one with the universe, because there are no distractions, the views are endless and the majesty of violent volcanic activity and ever moving glaciers, carving out the landscape, contrasted by the tenacity of life under the harshest of conditions never seizes to amaze me. It doesn’t hurt that after a long day of exploration, there is always a natural hot spring you can relax in, summer or winter.

The highlands are hard to get to, specialized trucks and motorcycles are the best way to explore them and get to the roads less travelled to really be subjected to what Iceland is. Put a mountain bike on the top of the super jeep, and you are truly getting to where only the Icelandic lamb and the Artic fox trod. That is why those are our chosen vehicles, with the occasional assistance of a helicopter, snow mobile or even a pair of skis. We deliberately do not offer rental cars, but we do offer special itineraries where we will rent Super-Jeeps, both the most modern Toyota and Nissan Trucks and more classic larger modified Land Rover Defenders.

Sound interesting? Let’s chat and maybe we can put together a trip of a lifetime for you!



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