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PRICE:  from $3,622 per person


DURATION:  6-8hrs




MINIMUM:  4 Minimum Persons


DEPARTURE LOCATION:  Reykjavik Domestic Airport

SIGHTS:  Eldborg crater, Selárdalur, Drangajökull Glacier, Ísafjörður town, Dynjandi Waterfall, Djúpavík village and countless fjords, mountains and islands.

*Please note that during winter (mid November - mid February) the days are short in Iceland and long expeditions are not bookable. 


On this tour we set off to Iceland‘s best kept secret - the Westfjords. This incredibly beautiful part of Iceland used to be inhabited by a small number of people. Now its population mainly consists of arctic foxes, vivid bird life and diverse flora. In the Westfjords one can find glittering red sand beaches, turquoise colored water, green hills and maybe even gray seal colonies.


We will fly over the dramatic coast lines and cliffs filled with nesting birds such as the famous puffin, the razor-bill and the guillemot. Next we will take you to the spectacular Drangajökull, the northern most glacier in Iceland and to Ísafjörður fjord, with its blue waters and surrounding steep mountain ranges.


From there we head to a truly breathtaking sight - the waterfall of Dynjandi. You will not find any waterfall like this in Iceland. No words can describe it – you have to experience its grandeur yourself. The Westfjords is one of the most isolated and unspoiled places on earth. Make sure to visit this hidden gem before the secret is out! Included in the tour is a packed lunch and your pilot will choose a scenic location to stop for a picnic. The expedition may vary from day to day due to weather changes. Our pilots will always choose the most scenic and safest route for you to enjoy.


The total duration of the tour is 6-8 hours and included are three landings at scenic locations and a packed lunch.


Flight time depending on helicopter type and weather.

Image by Adam Jang
Image by Sergio Thor Miernik
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