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Icelands seismic activity updates

Recent news from the picturesque shores of Iceland's south coast have sparked a bit of concern, as Mother Earth rumbles beneath it. Our heart goes out to the inhabitants of the small fishing village of Grindavik, who had to temporarily leave their homes due to tremors. Rest assured, no injuries have been reported, no homes have collapsed, and everyone is safe.

We're receiving real-time seismic activity updates from trusted sources such as the Icelandic Meteorological Office, the University of Iceland, and the Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management. Head over to the Icelandic Met Office's Twitter (@Vedurstofan) [] for regular seismic and volcanic updates. English news updates are also available on for more comprehensive details.

In this era of extreme competition for eyeballs, headlines like @CNN's "Iceland evacuates ahead of possible eruption" or @FT's sensationalized "Iceland declares state of emergency as it braces for volcanic eruption" can often ignite unnecessary panic. The reality is far more tranquil; the state of emergency and evacuation was specific to Grindavik and its surrounding area.

While we acknowledge the seriousness of these seismic activities, there is currently no eruption in Iceland, and while one is likely it is by no measure certain that one will occur. Recent activity under the Reykjanes peninsular has reduced, and while this is encouraging, it's unclear if it signals a possible eruption or indicates receding danger. Mother Earth does keep her surprises!

Yes, the Blue Lagoon has been in the news spotlight, chiefly due to its touristic appeal. However, local concerns are more centered around potential disruptions to district heating and geothermal power in the affected area. But remember, Iceland has a treasure trove of spectacular lagoons for you to explore!

Iceland is a spacious country; even the most pessimistic projections don't suggest any threat to the capital, Reykjavik, or disruption to air traffic. Just to give you some perspective, Iceland is about five times the size of Massachusetts!

Don't forget, on average, Iceland witnesses two volcanic eruptions a year, generally without serious disruption. Despite having over 130 volcanoes, none has caused a nationwide crisis in centuries. Events like the previous eruptions of 2021, 2022, and earlier this year were well managed without significant disturbances.

Here at IcelandX, safety is our prime concern. We have no reports of disruptions to our tours, besides rescheduling of Blue Lagoon visits. There is no indication that anyone should let Mother Nature's potential spectacle put a dampener on your exciting Iceland journey. As IcelandX only offers organized tours, our passengers are at all times with guides and other staff and are informed of any developments as they happen.

As always, you're in good hands. Iceland's authorities, along with us here at IcelandX, prioritize the safety of our guests above all else. Fear not, we've skillfully navigated the drama of eruptions for centuries, and this time will be no different.

Feel free to contact IcelandX at with any concerns or questions we may be able to help you with.

We will continue send updates as the situation progresses. 🇮🇸 #Iceland #VolcanoWatch #StaySafeStayInformed

Map of Grindavik and surrounding areas currently experiencing earthquakes

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