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See Red Molten Lava Shooting 1,000 ft Up In The Air

Standing next to a volcano that is shooting a stream of red hot lava almost as tall as the Chrysler Building in New York may not be on everyones bucket list, but maybe it should be. Around May 10th the cone of lava erupting from the main crater in Geldingardalur doubled in intensity, flow and hight rose to around 1,000ft. Geologists think this volcanic activity is going to continue for a while, but it's hard to say how long (they are pretty sure it's between 2 days and 500 years).

In the mean time, we are adding an optional Volcano Walk to all of our "The Great 4x4 Expedition Tours" and the "Around Iceland Tours" as well as incorporating that in most of our private groups. So, if you amended your bucket list just now, it's time for us to help you cross it off with an unrivaled adventure in Iceland.


Back from the "Land of Fire and Ice"

Jenifer R. and her family were our first post-pandemic travelers to go visit Iceland back in April. They were so kind as to send us a few photos from the trip with the message:

"We had an Incredible time!"

To Jenifer and her family we say: "Thanks guys, we had an INCREDIBLE time planning this awesome adventure with you!"


Rolling Back Restrictions

The Icelandic Government has signaled a further roll back on restriction in country and on the border. Among this weeks changes are that Gatherings of up to 50 people is now allowed and swimming and workout facilities can be operated at 75% of capacity and bars and restaurant hours are expanded. We are hoping for an elimination of the PCR covid test at the border for vaccinated passengers and possibly significant easing of restrictions on non-vaccinated travelers as soon as June.

Until then, call us at 833-498-6877 or email us. Lets start planning for an unforgettable journey!

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