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New Year, New Trips, New Opportunities

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

New Year, New Trips, New Opportunities

We are preparing for a great travel year in 2021 with new exciting packages, increased capacity and great deals. All of our travel partners are excited to welcome American visitors once Europe open their borders again, hopefully sooner than later. Unfortunately, we still don’t know when that is, but while we wait, we will continue to plan and prepare.

Icelandair has extended their shutdown through October and we at IcelandX have decided to cancel all tour specials through November but instead concentrate on an amazing selection of adventurous tours in 2021.

We would like to thank all of our new newsletter subscribers and others that have contacted us. It’s super important for us to hear about your preferences and interests so we can adapt our trips accordingly.

Despite current closures, we still hope that we can end 2020 with a bang. We have two exciting trips scheduled for December, both the Northern Light hunt we call ON THE TAIL OF THE NORTHERN LIGHTS and our NEW YEAR’S EXTRAVAGANZA, which runs the gamut from Sub-Arctic highland experiences to a gowned Gala in Central Reykjavik. We are also adding departure dates for our ON THE TAIL OF THE NORTHERN LIGHTS trip for January, February, March and April and adding a new FIRE AND ICE TOUR through the South-Wests exciting winter landscape.

We will continue to stand by our very flexible refund and no fee reschedule policies as we continue to take bookings.

But what else? We are soon to launch our VALENTINES DAY SPECIAL extended weekend tour that is sure to tickle all the senses. We’re preparing new dates for our OVERLAND 4X4 SUPER-JEEP TOUR, and a SUMMER PHOTO SAFARI. We are also expanding our MOTORCYCLE TRIPS and HORSE TOURS and preparing to offer rentals of Modified Land Rover Super-Jeeps. We are also of course offering our custom itineraries for families and larger groups, both with Reykjavik as a home base with expanded travel options.

Please keep the conversation going. We love to hear from you about what you would like to see and experience. Your input is essential for creating these special trips that you will never forget! So keep on writing, commenting and calling. We’re sure we’ll be with you in Iceland very soon!

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